CPWX series Ultracentrifuges

The Hitachi Ultracentrifuges have the highest performance in their class (Up to 100,000 rpm), making them ideal for the wide range of separation tasks used in cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology. For reliability and efficiency to match their speed and quiet operation, they incorporate automatic rotor-life management (RLM), a large color LCD touch screen. Other standard features include RDF (x g) computation and display functions and real-time control (RTC) for direct entry of start/stop times and other parameters. We also offer options include PC connection (for simulations and logging of rotors and centrifuge operation histories), printer connection, user security functions and more.

  • Easy operation
    Microcomputer control functions
    Color LCD touch screen
    User name is shown on screen, linked to user ID code
    Powerful customization functions
    Low table height easier rotor handling
    Real-time control (RTC) simplifies timer settings
    Operating parameters are automatically computed and displayed, based on selected RCF
    Important functions are shown on screen
  • Advanced technology
    The highest RPM and RCF for its class 100,000 rpm, and RCF to 803,000 x g
    Drive unit warranted for 10 years
    Powerful imbalance protection
    Rotor life is automatically managed and extended
  • Safety and environmental impact reduction
    0°C is maintained by electronic cooling
    Energy savings
    Exceptionally low noise 53 dB or less
    Based on EU requirements for mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility
    Brake control system for reverting motor electric power to the power source side
Model CP100WX CP90WX CP80WX
Max. speed (rpm) 100,000 90,000 80,000
Max. RCF (xg) 803,000(PT100AT2 rotor) 700,000(PT90AT rotor) 615,000(PT80AT rotor)


CPWX series

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