CS-FNX Series Micro Ultracentrifuges

Hitachi centrifuge’s state-of-art technologies have realized the above greatest performance and the quietest operating sound “45 dBA” in its unique floor-standing model. CS150FNX, as well as CS150NX, takes only 90 seconds to reach the world’s fastest speed 150,000 rpm by himac original vacuumed drive unit. Now you can separate and purify protein, lipoprotein, cell organelle, DNA and RNA, also carbon nanotubes and other nano-sized particles, more efficiently than ever.

  • The Unique Floor-Standing Micro Ultracentrifuge
    This unique floor-standing model (440(W) x 520(D) x 910(H) ) is suitable to be installed at central and/ or shared laboratory devices, so that may laboratories can share CS-FNX series.
  • Powerful Imbalance Protection
    Samples need to be balanced within 5mm by visual check only. Non-contact imbalance sensor always monitors vibration of the rotor and drive shaft. In case of abnormal vibration, the sensor activates and stops operation immediately.
  • Quick Start-Up
    It takes just 8 seconds (minimum) to be ready for operation since power switch is turned on. Initial screen is displayed on the LCD panel during booting up the system.
  • Powerful Vacuum Pump
    Reaching time to high-vacuum status is reduced to half by optimized control of the oil diffusion pump. (comparing with our previous model)
  • Quiet Operating Sound “45dBA”
    This unusually quiet operating sound was realized by newly develop rigid-control drive system and sound absorbing structure design. It does not disturb your researching works in the laboratory.
  • Easy Operation with Touch-Sensitive LCD
    Color touch-sensitive LCD and GUI (graphic user interface) with high contrast against back screen in black color enable users to easily operate the system or select various menus and functions by touching the icon on the display. Of course, operation status is identified at a glance by intelligible screen design.
  • Easy Timer Setting and Actual Run Timer
    himac original RTC(real-time control) function makes timer setting easy (PAT.). What you need to do is simply set start time or finish time with running time. himac original Actual Run Timer starts when the set speed is attained (PAT.) and excludes acceleration time from the set time.
  • Data Communication
    USB port is equipped as standard specification. (CS150FNX and CS150NX only) The system records up to 100 operating histories in its memory (PAT.). So operating data can be output in CSV format through the USB port. Optional LAN board is also available. (CS150FNX and CS150NX only) You can link CS150FNX and/or CS150NX to your PC through Ethernet or internet. Optional software ‘‘himac LogManager Ver. 3.0 (network edition)’’ can be installed in your PC and operating history and data of CS150FNX and/or CS150NX can be easily managed by your PC.

Model CS150FNX CS120FNX
Max. speed (rpm) 150,000 120,000
Max. RCF (xg) 1,050,000(S140AT rotor) 771,000(S140AT rotor)
Max. capacity (nominal) 30 ml x 6 tubes (S50A rotor)


CS-FNX Series

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