AP Performance Range

The Performance oven range has been developed to comply with all applications requiring speed, precision and homogeneity. It is specifically well adapted for drying, thermal tests and sterilization. The high efficiency fan will allow you to save precious time.

  • Temperature range: +10°C to +250°C (50°F to 482°F)
  • Vented by a fan providing stability and excellent temperature homogeneity (<1°F at 158°F)
  • Volumes of 60 to 240 Liter
  • PT 100 ohm probe
  • PID fluffy logic regulator
  • Timer : 99h 59min
  • Chamber heating by convection, no risk of conduction or radiation (air inlet at temperature set point)
  • Dual digital display of the oven set point temperature & actual temperature (0.1°precision)
  • Simplified control panel
  • Adjustable air entry (from 0 to 100%)
  • Visual alarm
  • «Hands free» easing closing door design
  • 2 anti-tip stainless steel wire shelves included (BP60: 1)
  • EASYCLEANING stainless steel inner chamber (flat surface, removable shelf holders)
  • Stackable units (up to 120 liter)
  • Conforms to EN60068-3-11
  • Adjustable over temperature security device Class II as defined in the European norm
  • NF EN61010-2-010 (equivalent to DIN3.1)
  • Individual quality control certificate
  • 24 month warranty


220-230 V / 50 Hz 60 L 120 L 240 L
Air Performance, plain door AP 60 AP 120 AP 240
Air Performance, viewing door AP 60 PV AP 120 PV AP 240 PV

110 V and 50-60 Hz version available

AP 60_Oven

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