BE Expert Range

Forced convection incubators offer high temperature precision and better homogeneity and stability. Forced convection significantly reduces the warm-up, stabilization and recovery time.
Forced convection is recommended for full loads or frequent door opening.

In addition to the Performance features, the Expert range includes the following benefits:
  • Thermal disinfection cycle 160°C (320°F) for 2.5 hours
  • Cable entry port to enable validation and calibration with additional probes
  • Programmable controller with 8 settings to enable temperature cycle up to 4 temperatures
  • Ramp (°C/min) and temperature setup
  • RS485 port for data transfer (optional software and cable to be ordered separatly)
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Audible and visible alarm
  • 2 anti-tip stainless steel shelves included (all sizes)
  • Individual quality control certificate
  • 24 month warranty

The Expert range is based on the Performance model and includes a set of functions that enables users to perform more demanding applications without compromising functionalities and budget constraints.

Standard features will allow control of the different parameters: temperature, ventilation, temperature cycles… and also independent metrological calibration and qualification. Dry heat disinfection cycle will ensure optimum decontamination of the equipment.


220-230 V / 50 Hz 60 L 120 L 240 L
"BIO EXPERT" Plain door BE 60 BE 120 BE 240
"BIO EXPERT" Viewing door BE 60 PV BE 120 PV BE 240 PV

110 V and 50-60 Hz version available


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