Shaker/ Rocker
1D Orbital Shaker LS-1D and MS-1D

Froilabo 1D orbital platform shaker has a smooth but powerful shaking mechanism that is designed for day-today use.

  • 16mm shaking orbit
  • Digital speed selection from 30 to 300rpm
  • Perfect for cell culture or aeration applications
  • Digital timer is settable from 1 second to 9 hours and with stopping sound alert
  • LS-1D comes with large 335 x 335mm cradle platform with adjustable rubber cushioned holding bars which can accommodate 12 x 250ml / 9 x 500ml / 6 x 1000ml/ 2 x 2000ml bottle or flasks.
  • MS-1D comes with 220 x 220mm cradle platform. It holds up to: 4 x 250 ml / 2 x 500 ml / 1 x 1000 ml flasks or bottles.

LS-1D and MS-1D

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