Fast Blast freezers
CRP Fast Blast freezers
Maximum protection of the cooling unit for a maximum power

Based on a high performance double compressor cascade proven technology, the architecture of the FROILABO cooling system combined with a high cooling fluids velocity/swiftness allows an extreme simplification of the cooling circuit, reducing very significantly clot risks and so, minimize considerably hard maintenance request.

  • No oil separator, no decompression tank (limited maintenance)
  • Standards cooling fluids : R417A and R508A (CFC and HCFC free)
  • Low working pressure / limited pressure drop
  • Gas back to the compressor at low temperature : oil and compressor extended life
  • From +20°C down to -30°C to the core in 60 minutes for 250 ml, 650 ml or 800 ml blood plasma bags
  • Reserve power that ensures attaining the required performances and the reproducibility of freezing
  • Uniform deep freezing
  • Obtaining uniform pockets without breaking pipe
  • Real performance qualification test on site after installation
  • Cold air ventilation

  • Insulation by vacuum insulation panels (VIP) for maximum energy efficiency
  • Stainless steel tank as well as all interior equipment
  • No corrosion associated with the use of detergents and disinfectants
  • In compliance with all safety standards for staff, products, disinfection, facilities and environment
  • Rapid defrost by return of hot gases
  • Data storage in non-volatile flash memory
  • Data transfer and storage on remote server via Ethernet
  • Processing software and recording of freezing cycles
  • Printing temperature curves
  • Output for temperature sensor « product » on terminal and probe passing (30 mm) for temperature qualifications
  • Direct loading on internal or removable racks with loading trolley
  • Steering blast freezer with touch screen and cycle management by PLC
  • Setting parameters protected by password
  • Audible and visual signal at the end of the freezing cycle
  • Confirmation of the end of the temperature cycle from -50°C
  • Maintaining temperature at -40°C at the end of the freezing cycle (adjustable temperature allowing recovering of product several hours after the end of the cycle)
  • Manual defrost secured and protected


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