High Speed Centrifuges
CR-GIII Series High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuges

The himac High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge established reputations as a standard model in the global market. CR-G3 series have taken over its reliability and are featuring various advanced functions with high performance. In addition, CR-G3 series have been designed for easy to use and environment-friendly than ever.

  • himac original technology "PWM motor control"
    PWM (pulse width modulation) motor control has realized substantial reduction in acceleration and deceleration time.
    Acceleration and deceleration time of CR-GV Series with large capacity rotor has improved max. 3 times faster than the one of our former models of high-speed refrigerated centrifuge.
    Reducing running time contributes to energy saving and reducing CO₂
  • Acceleration and Running at set speed
    Reduced electricity consumption substantially by IGBT inverter
  • Deceleration
    himac regenerative braking system re-generates max.40% electricity used for acceleration and running.
    It reduces heat radiation into the room and is high efficient for energy saving.
    Former models : Kinetic Energy Heat radiation into the room
    New System : Kinetic Energy Regenerated to electricity and reused
  • Non-Contact Imbalance Protection
    Continuous measurement of oscillation over the entire rpm range
    The system immediately detects abnormal vibrations and stops rotation.
  • Actual Control of Net Run-Time(PAT.)
    The timer starts when the set speed is attained by himac original actual run timer function.
    Enables to obtain high-reproducibility separation.
  • Pre-cooling Chamber (PAT.)
    Maintaining temperature inside chamber room at low temperature with preventing from icing, in order to reach target temperature shortly

Max. speed (rpm) 22,000 21,000
Max. RCF (xg) 55,200 50,300
Max. capacity (nominal) 1,000 x 4


CR-GIII Series

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