High Speed Centrifuges
CR22N High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuges

The new CR22N has a more compact body than other high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, it has stronger power with a newly developed driver unit. Moreover, the 6L capacity is the biggest capacity in this class.

  • Easy Operation with Touch-Sensitive LCD
    Color touch-sensitive LCD and GUI (graphic user interface) with high contrast against back screen in black color enable users to easily operate the system or select various menus and functions by touching the icon on the display. Of course, operation status is identified at a glance by intelligible screen design.
  • Large Capacity : New 6L Rotor
    6L rotor has been available for large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge or high-end model of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuges only in the past. With newly developed 1.5L bottle, now you can use 6L rotor (1.5L x 4 bottles) with standard model of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge model CR22N. We are the 1st manufacturer of 1.5L bottle for high-speed refrigerated centrifuge in this class.
  • Energy Saving and Environment Friendly Design
    CR22N has ECO mode (automatic stand-by function) in it. If the display is not touched over the set wait time, the system automatically deems backlight of the LCD and stop refrigerator (except at running) so that the system reduces maximum 83% of standby electricity consumption. The drive unit has a re-generating brake system. It changes the kinetic energy, which was exhausted into the room as a heat in deceleration, to electricity. So it can reduce temperature increment and return maximum 40% electricity, which is used in whole operation, to the power source.
    Environment Friendly Design. CR22N is designed according to Hitachi Group’ s “Design for Environment assessment system” standard. Over 80% materials of the product are reusable or recyclable. It has reduced use of harmful substance in materials and components. Also, the refrigerant used in CR22N has ODP (ozone depletion potential) equal to 0.
  • High Efficient Temperature Control
    CR22N is the first model with equips inverter refrigerator system in this class*. The inverter refrigerator system provides you high efficient temperature control of the rotor. In addition, inverter refrigerator system has reduced operating sound, because there is no start-up sound of conventional refrigerator system
  • Self-Locking Rotor System
    Himac original “self-locking rotor system” is the most simple system to set the rotor onto the drive shaft. You just simply place the rotor on the drive shaft and that’ s all. The rotor is locked by centrifugal force automatically. You do not need to fix the rotor by screw or push the button to lock or unlock the rotor like other models available in the markets

Model CR22N
Max. speed (rpm) 8,500
Max. RCF (xg) 15,100
Max. capacity (nominal) 1,500ml x 4 bottles



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