SW9 & SW12 Productive and Versatile Centrifuges

Froilabo has designed and manufactured centrifuges for more than 90 years, which makes us well understand customer needs and requirement. They accept most of the market available tubes and microplates. The range has been designed for easy operation and programming. SW9 and SW12 range includes ventilated and refrigerated models. They offer as a benchtop model, or mounted on trolley with castors as floor standing for mobility. The versatile control system gives the operator different options and easy access to stored technical data held in the memory. The brushless induction motor greatly reduces servicing intervals.

  • Efficiency
    Parameters are displayed alphanumerically, with a buzzer beep at the end of each spinning, speed displayed in rcf ou rpm, 9 code-protected programmable cycles and one fast cycle, controlled acceleration and deceleration rates to protect your sample form dramatic braking force, the lid has an assisted closing system and a safety lock.
  • Safety
    For optimum safety whilst in use, the SW9 and SW12 range is robust constructed and is designed for reliability. Sealed buckets as standard and equipped with lid locks and imbalance detection.
    SW9 and SW12 conform to the CE marking requirement that further prove Froilabo’s product quality.
  • User friendly
    The SW9 and SW12 have an assisted closing system which makes opening and closing the lid very easy. Just lower the cover and the centrifuge will close and lock by itself. After the end of the spinning, just simply press the “open” button and the cover will open automatically. The <58 dB(A) operation noise, make it a silent workhorse in your laboratory.
  • Refrigerated model
    The internal cooling system operated quietly to maintain +4˚C at 4500 rpm. To protect environement, only CRC-free and HCFC-free refrigerant are used.

    Models SW9 SW12
    Max. speed with swing out rotor (rpm) 4500 4500
    Max. speed with angle rotor (rpm) 7700 7700
    Max. capacity with swing out rotor (ml) 4 x 250 ml 4 x 750 ml
    Max. capacity with angle rotor (ml) 8 x 100 ml 8 x 100 ml


SW9 , SW12

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