Water Jacket
NU-4000 Series Water Jacket CO₂Incubator

The AutoFlow 4000 Series Water Jacket Laboratory CO₂ Incubator provides a sterile in-vitro growth environment through temperature and CO₂ gas control systems, combining state of the art technology with years of design, quality and manufacturing experience.

  • Closed Loop HEPA Filtration
  • NICE Electronics
  • Constant Contamination Control
  • Cleanroom within a Cleanroom
  • Sensitivity and Accuracy of Gas Control
  • Precision of Electronic Microprocessor Controls
  • Reliability and Protection of Automated and Redundant Back-up Systems
  • Critical Cleaning Components
  • Homogeneous Temperature
  • Humidification System (model NU-4850 and NU-4950)
  • Humidification System (model NU-4950 only)

Model Electronic Control System Gas Control System Temperature Control System
NU-4750 Microprocessor CO₂ Infrared Water-Jacked
NU-4850 Microprocessor CO₂ + Hunidity control Water-Jacked
NU-4950 Microprocessor CO₂ + Hunidity control /
O₂/N2 Control


NU-4000 series

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