Deep Freezer
BM series Deep Freezer
A UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY: Maximum protection of the samples

Based on the well-known and proven double stage compressors cascade technology, the efficient pipe architecture of the FROILABO cooling system combined with a high refrigerant velocity allows extreme simplification of the refrigeration system. This significantly reduces the risk of blockages and therefore the need for regular and expansive maintenance.

A UNIQUE CONCEPTION: Maximum protection of the cooling system
  • Oil separator and depressurization tank free (reduces maintenance)
  • Common refrigerant: R417A and R508A (CFC and HCFC free)
  • Low operating pressure / Very limited pressure drop
  • Low return temperature of the gas (<0°C) into the compressors keeping them operating at low temperature (extension of the compressor operating life)
  • Maintenance can be made by non «cascade specialist» technician
THE BoSS SYSTEM : Maximum protection of the samples

The samples protection must be efficient in any circumstance, even in unlikely case of low voltage/electronic system outage. The BoSS system compensates for that potential issue and will engage the compressors permanently, maintaining a permanent deep freeze production.

  • Preservation of the samples
  • 30 hours regulation on batteries; then direct connection to the power source (110V or 220/230V) of the compressors
  • No emergency maintenance required / easy problem identification for the service engineer
  • 15% reduction of the power consumption
  • 22% improvement of the temperature rise in case of power failure
  • Larger storage capacity with the same foot print
UNRIVALLED performance
  • Excellent homogeneity < +/-3°C at -80°C/-112°F and exceptional stability +/-1°C at -80°C/-112°F
  • Fast cooling: from 22°C to -81°C (71°F to -113°F) in 4h (690L)
  • Sustain ambient temperature (environment) up to 35°C/95°F
  • Fast set temperature recovery after door opening
  • Maximised storage capacity vs footprint (up to 72000 cryo-tubes / 1.25m²)
  • Door way access (h: 2m x w: 0,8m)
  • Sound level <53dB
  • Fast set temperature recovery after door opening
  • Audible and visible high and low temperature alarm
  • Door open, power failure and blocked condenser alarm
  • Supplied with alarm battery back-up
  • Dual digital display of the set and actual temperature
  • Temperature electronic regulator assisted by industrial automation
  • Pt100 ohm sensor for the regulation and display


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