The origins of Froilabo date back to 1918 - under the name of Couprie, the business was the first manufacturer of centrifuges in France. With the introduction of refrigeration technology to centrifuges in 1946, this new in-house expertise led to the development of a wide range of Ultra Low Temperature freezers and other products.

Since 1985, Froilabo (“Cold Lab” in English) has been developing and manufacturing products in Lyon – France and Romania. Today, Froilabo’s wide range of high quality, reliable and energy efficient products focused on the life science and research markets include: 86C ULT Freezers, Ovens and Incubators, High Capacity Blast Freezers and Environmental Chambers .

Froilabo also manufactures the Dragon system for the industrial market that delivers high volume forced airflow between -100C to +300C with precision controlled ramp rates of 20C per second.

FIRLABO was funded in 1985 in the region of Lyon, and soon became solidly established in the laboratory world.

Enjoying the added experience of the first French manufacturer of centrifuges, the COUPRIE company, FIRLABO offers a complete range of products intended to prepare and preserve samples.

We have gathered the know-how of three companies COUPRIE, FROILABO and FIRLABO into a unique structure


funded in 1918
1st French
manufacturer of centrifuges


amalgamation in 1985
Laboratory equipment,
dedicatedto the preparation
and preservation of samples


funded in 1946
Specialist in refrigerating,
thermic and climatic equipments

Froilabo - Firlabo
Founded in 1998

As a specialist in very-low-temperature freezers, since 1946 the FROILABO company has been devoted to the study, the manufacturing and the distribution of refrigerating, thermic and climatic equipments of preservation and testing.

The coming together Froilabo-Firlabo took place in 1998 in order to offer you the best tools for the preparation, the preservation and the study of samples of various natures: biological, biochemical, organic or mineral.